Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Circle of Gratitude

What really got me thinking was having watched a recent programme about Michael Jackson just after his death. The programme was filmed before his death but featured some people, some famous, some not commenting on his life and talents. It is such a shame to wait until someone leaves this plane to comment or praise them.

Over twelve months ago, prior to an operation I wrote three letters, one to my mum, dad and life long friend. As it stands they don’t yet have them but I hope they will in the not too distant future. These letters were my opportunity to tell them the things that we sometimes leave it too late to say.

So that is the basis of this blog. What or who are you grateful for?
That is my starting point. If this blog prompts you to write or blog please let me know and I will include a link or if you’d like me to include something you’ve written with a view to sharing it with them or anyone else that stops by please do.