Monday, 21 September 2009

Great - Full

There is alot to be said for being great-ful. Full of greatness. When you go about your day what are you full of greatness for.

It's 9.01 and already i have considered plenty that i should be full of greatness for. Just how many things do we take for granted in our day to day lives.

Being able to get out of bed, to have the breath and energy to do so. To have the electricity to switch the kettle on for that cup of coffee or tea that kick starts our day. For the running water that instantly arrives at the tap and trickles over our hands when we need it. For the technology under the bonnet of our cars that enables us to travel distances short or long. For the smiles that greet us, the laughs that shake us, the tears that cleanse us.

I have had a weekend full of greatness. I spent it with two of my favourite people, some of it spent doing one of my favourite things, painting. I am full of greatness for the thoughts that came and for my hands to allow me to reflect those thoughts. For the time and paint that allowed me to manifest those thoughts for the extras that allowed me to embellish those thoughts. For the time that healed my thoughts and allowed me to reflect and appreciate that i spend my time always striving to be the best that i can and although i see different standards of greatness as in life we are all unique which is what makes us stand out.

'Today i am full of greatness for the gifts of life i have been given' Kerridwen Niner

You can see the progress of my painting over at #
Please stop by :) Let me know what you are full of greatness for :)