Wednesday, 15 July 2009


This is Brett's pumpkin. We planted the seeds along with some sunflowers which unfortunately haven't withstood the pests that have chomped them. I was so excited at the prospect of growing our own pumpkins and the thought that come Halloween we could carve for the first time our own pumpkin. It has come on in leaps and bounds as i was told it would once it got started. I hope it produces some fruits, i gather they come after the flowers which i think are just starting to show at the center of the plant. So my gratitude this week comes from having the opportunities to plant the seeds, seeds of life and seeds for the garden with my son, the pleasure of popping up the garden to see how much bigger it is, of taking Grandma out to show her and fingers crossed to harvest the fruits in October. I will keep you posted in some shape or form either here on on Constellations :-)

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