Tuesday, 11 August 2009

'The Secret' - Thriller

On Saturday night we went to a friends 40th party. She had requested our presence rather than our presents. I suggested to Brett, my son that he dance ‘Thriller’ and that could be her present. ‘No’ was the answer. Fortunately one of our mutual friends is a florist and she did a beautiful arrangement from all the ‘Parent Group’ mums.

I had gone out following another session reading ‘The Secret’. Not feeling terribly enthused I asked that we would have a great evening.

Some short time after we had been there and Brett had left the bouncy castle and was playing on the dance floor I heard ‘Thriller’ starting to play. I even interrupted a conversation wondering whether Brett would dance. He did!!! He didn’t dance as much as I’ve seen him do but more than my other mummies have ever seen. Everyone was fixated on what he was doing and one of my eyes began watering.

‘Did I teach him?’ someone enquired. Not at all, I wish, I would be setting up teaching if I were responsible. Brett continued to entertain, dancing to ‘Billie Jean’ ‘Boom boom boom’ and other songs that the disco turned out. He was great, I was so proud. It was a great night I could have danced the night away.

The moon outside was incredible like a ball of fire in the sky; I tried to photograph it unsuccessfully many times.

Anyway I would like to say thanks to the Universe for hearing my plea, thanks to the moon for shining and putting on it’s own performance and thanks to my son for making me so proud, you are amazing!

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